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The Emporia Police Department Special Response Team or SRT is comprised of a commander, 12 tactical members, two negotiators and a tactical medic for a total of 16 members. Some individuals on the team are assigned and trained in special areas of responsibility. This would include police marksmen, firearms instructors, armorers, etc.

SRT Montage

All twelve members of the tactical portion of the team are specially equipped and trained in all facets of making different types of entries and volatile situations. The SRT is primarily utilized in situations such as barricaded suspects, hostage situations, high risk warrant service, manhunts, security for large disasters and any time circumstances dictate special manpower and equipment needs.

The SRT is equipped with special communications equipment, weapons, and ballistic protection equipment.

Members of the team are chosen from the commissioned personnel of the Emporia Police Department through a testing procedure.


Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Dial 620-343-4200

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