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Citizen Commendations/Complaints

Commendation/Concern Brochure (.PDF)

The success in providing quality police services is a partnership between residents and visitors to Emporia. In order to maintain that partnership there must be a high level of trust and transparency within the police department.

If you have a concern, question, or would even like to compliment the actions of one of our department members, we would strongly suggest that you call or stop by our office to visit with one of or supervisors. Part of our growth and improved service philosophy is dependent on the feedback we receive from individuals like you. If you feel you have not been treated properly or feel that your concerns were not properly addressed, we would encourage you to contact our office.

In some instances, people will not agree with the actions of a police officer, such as during a speeding ticket or an arrest. These types of issues are best addressed by prosecutors and judges. The department can address issues when they involve a perceived mistake in conduct or judgment.

The department has established an Office of Professional Standards to address concerns from residents. The officers assigned to review any complaint, concern, or commendation are under the direct supervision of the police chief.

Contacting Us With an Inquiry:
A supervisor will meet with you and an investigator will be assigned to look into the matter. You may contact our office by telephone or in person. An email will be accepted but we will need to be able to contact you further for follow-up information.

The matter will be reviewed by the assigned investigator under the supervision of the Professional Standards Unit, under supervision of the police chief.

In order to completely review the matter, your cooperation will be needed. We will ask you to sign a statement regarding the incident and ask that you be as forthright as possible.

The length of the investigation depends on the type of issue and the detail involved in meeting with and speaking to others involved. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of the investigation.


This process is designed to provide the protection of rights to the individual making the complaint as well as the employees involved in the investigation. We are obligated to follow the rule of law as well as any applicable laws established at the federal and state levels which protect law enforcement officers in the proper exercise of their statutory duties.


Contact Numbers:

General Office Number 620.343.4200 Investigations Captain 620.343.4227
Police Chief’s Office 620.343.4211 Patrol Captain 620.341.4348
Patrol Division 620.343.4204 Administrative Sergeant 620.343.4219
         (Animal Control Supervisor  


Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Dial 620-343-4200

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