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Battle of the Badges Blood Drive

The 2018 Battle of the Badges Blood Drive collected more than 280 pints of blood on August 17, which elevated reserves for the American Red Cross.

The annual drive is also a friendly competition between law enforcement officers from the Emporia Police Department and Lyon County Sheriff's Office, and firefighters from the Emporia Fire Department. After bringing home the traveling trophy the past two years, law enforcement surrendered the trophy back to the firefighters after a 171-107 vote.

This year’s drive included an extra day for donations and Investigator Dominick Vortherms said the blood drive exceeded expectations.

"We beat the goals we set for this three-day blood drive," Vortherms said. "That's the big thing. We got in our pints or units, so I am happy. It was a big community draw, and we're thankful to all those in the community who came out to support the drive."





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